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Synchronicity, Coincidence, Symbolism, and Y2K

by the Elefunt Research Team

I recently received an e-mail from The CAUS mail-list which got me to thinking about President Clinton's current situation regarding sex with a young girl in the White House. The content of that e-mail is the left hand column in the table below. To follow my train of thought, read this column first. (The column on the right is my own research during the last couple of weeks.) In the L-K list, the last item implies that Kennedy was with Marilyn Monroe and that, in some strange way, is symbolically related to Lincoln. Looking closely at these factoids, the overriding concept here is a hundred year "coincidence factor"; sort of a "harmonic resonance" between major events a hundred years apart. The similarities seem also to have an odd "reversal factor".

Since most everyone would be hard pressed to submit that ALL of these Kennedy-Lincoln factoids are TOTALLY the result of "random chance", exactly WHAT IS going on here? Now this is not a trivial matter for those seeking truth, wisdom and an explanation of our human experience; it truly involves the issue of freedom of will vs. determinism. It raises questions about whether events happening "now" effect events to happen in a hundred years? Are we all merely Shakespearean actors playing out a cosmic script in this earthly theater of war and love?

Mentally pushing a little further, we see that the "hundred year factor" involves a coincidence of numbers and further that this could be called a "confusion of century". That is, the coincidence involves only the last two digits of the date...not unlike the Y2K problem! Hummmm! Could it possibly be, that we could learn from the past and prepare for the future based on that knowledge?

What I found actually had less to do with hundred year number stuff, but much to do with President Clinton-President Cleveland coincidences. Just for fun, I included some odd number factoids which people who have studied numerology will love. The zip code stuff is of course frivolous, but then probably any of the factoids _individually_ are frivolous...

BTW, beside the Clinton-Cleveland connection, I discovered a Clinton-Kennedy connection; A literal one. It seems that Bill Clinton, when he was just 16, got to go to the White house and shook hands with President Kennedy (a few weeks before he was assassinated) and Clinton claims this was the key event that convinced him that his life was to be in politics.

Below is the intro to the mail-list message:

Is our reality nothing more than an experiment of some cosmic kid in kindergarten?  Or is it more a puzzle created by some planetary prankster? The following, though recycled throughout the Internet, is worth repeating for those who might have missed it.  I believe that these coincidences suggest a force at work that we have yet to acknowledge, let alone understand...but evidently existing with us:

Kennedy-Lincoln     Clinton-Cleveland


Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846
John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946
Stephen Grover Cleveland was elected Governor in 1882
William Jefferson Clinton was elected Governor in 1982
Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860
John F. Kennedy was elected President in 1960
Stephen Grover Cleveland was elected President in 1892
William Jefferson Clinton was elected President in 1992
The names Lincoln and Kennedy each contain seven letters Stephen Grover Cleveland contains 22 letters
William Jefferson Blythe  contains 22 letters
(Bill's mother married Roger Clinton when Bill was four and he took the name when he was in high school.)
Stephen Grover Cleveland became a lawyer when he was 22
Stephen Grover Cleveland was the 22nd President
Both were associated with civil rights Both emphasized lower tariffs
Both wives lost children while living in the White House The names of the president's wives each contain 13 letters
Stephen Grover Cleveland married Francis Folsom
William Jefferson Clinton married Hillary Rodham
Lincoln's secretary was named Kennedy
Kennedy's secretary was named Lincoln
Grover Cleveland lived in Clinton NY
and attended the Clinton Liberal Institute
Andrew Johnson, who succeeded Lincoln, was born in 1808
Lyndon B. Johnson, who succeeded Kennedy, was born in 1908
Cleveland NY is zip code 13042 - the numbers add to 10
Cleveland AR is zip code 72030 - the numbers add to 12 
Clinton AR is zip code 72031 - the numbers add to 13
Clinton NY is zip code 13323 - the numbers add to 12
The two Cleveland zip numbers add to Grover's number, 22
All four zip numbers add to 47, Cleveland's age when elected President
Cleveland and Clinton Arkansas are adjacent zips
Cleveland NY zip numbers=Clinton AR zip numbers
Both were shot on Friday
Both were shot in the head
Stephen Grover Cleveland was the 22nd AND 24th President    22+24=46
Both were assassinated by Southerners
Both were succeeded by Southerners
Both successors were named Johnson
William Jefferson Blythe III (Clinton's father) died in 1946
Both assassins were known by their three names William Jefferson Blythe IV (President Clinton) was born in 1946 
William Jefferson Clinton was 46 when he was elected President
Both names are made of 15 letters Both legally dodged the draft
John Wilkes Booth, who shot Lincoln, was born in 1839
Lee Harvey Oswald, who shot Kennedy, was born in 1939
Stephen Grover Cleveland lived in Fayetteville, NY, twice
William Jefferson Clinton lived  in Fayetteville, Ark, twice
John Wilkes Booth ran from the theater and was apprehended in a warehouse
Lee Harvey Oswald ran from a warehouse and was apprehended in a theater
Both were democrats who took office after a long Republican 
John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald were both assassinated before they went to trial Both publicly admitted out of wedlock sex-accepted by public as OK
and last, but not least.........................
A week before Lincoln was shot, he was in Monroe, Maryland.
A week before Kennedy was shot, he was in....... purely speculation
Both were elected to office twice, after being defeated
   ("discontinuous terms" - Clinton as Gov. and Cleveland as Pres.)

But do these kinds of things have any "real meaning"?  Peter A. Gersten, Director of CAUS, wrote, above, in his intro to the Kennedy-Lincoln factoid collection that "these coincidences suggest a force at work that we have yet to acknowledge, let alone understand." What you mean "we" Kemosabe? Any serious student of Kabala/Tarot is KEENLY aware of the overriding prevalence of symbols as the prime aspect of life. To the Kabalist, ALL is symbolism. This "Force" IS acknowledged from the beginnings of "time" as Ageless Wisdom! Recognizing that "co-incidence" and "synchro-nicity" IS an aspect of "the Force", is real understanding. As you increase the intensity of coincidence/synchronicity, you increase the intensity of "the Force".

And yet as esoteric as this sounds, most people would agree that those "super heavy coincidences" and "fantastic synchronicty" actually MEAN SOMETHING! And, in really simple terms, all that is important here is that these extraordinary occurences/facts beg the question; How could all this be, unless there is a overall unity to the phenomena we call human life? Bingo! ...........

When we get to the state of consciousness where we have finally, once and for all, given up on the idea of "randomness" and see ALL experience as "with superconscious intent" or "with MEANING", we begin to ask the really important questions about our consciousness' relation to coincidence/synchronicity.

And as a final quaint synchroni-city: Having already decided that it was time to post my curious factoid research, I noticed that the cover of my local newspaper (SF Chronicle) this morning had this picture of Clinton in Cleveland! Yea, but does it mean anything at all?

Jung at Heart and UnaFreud

picts of Francis and Monica

Although Francis enjoyed the sanction of marriage and Monica (at this writing) is only a "former mistress", the intensity of National (World?) focus on the love (sex) life of the President and a young twenty-something is definitely a similarity.

Both of these young ladies enjoyed sex in the White House with the President while still in their early twenties. Cleveland brought Francis into the White House at the tender age of 21. In his second year in office, he married her, making her the youngest first lady; and she became the most famous female name at the time. Note that Francis had been his ward since she was 10 years old! He raised her! And the public at the time absolutely fell in love with Francis.

Now Cleveland had already had his encounter with morals charges in the presidential election. His republican opponents had accused him of fathering an illegitimate child. They circulated the famous phrase "Ma, Ma, where's my paw?" to discredit him. The Democrats fought back with "Gone to the White House, Ha Ha Ha!" Cleveland publicly admitted the illicit affair and was elected! (Clinton might still be reelected today...)

Uh, folks, do we see similarities between Clinton and Cleveland's lives or what? It was Carl Jung, who defined "Synchronicity" as "meaningful coincidence". But Carl most likely only was thinking about the kind of coincidence where two things "happen at the same time". This "hundred year coincidence/synchronicity" stuff is a related, but different animal. All these factoids tug at the fabric of our notion of time. Inquiring minds be cautious, you might rip a hole!

End Note:

One conclusion that could be made from all of this: Since Clinton is still alive and in office, there are probably "coincidences" just waiting to happen. What about major things in Cleveland's life that still might be lurking in our mutual future? And along those line what stands out like an elephant in a theater, is the fact that there was a major financial panic (The panic of 1893) during Cleveland's Presidency. So there might well be a financial panic during Clinton's watch. But history credits Cleveland with very high marks for financial policy making and some even say he kept America from collapsing by insisting on the gold standard and other policies such as tariff. At this time Clinton also, does indeed, get high marks for sound fiscal policy and thus, already carries on a hundred-year synchronicity. Care to speculate on exactly how a coming financial panic might play out in this era?

Comments are welcome.

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